Autonomous System of / QuxLabs
ASN AS-Set IPv4 Prefix Limit IPv6 Prefix Limit
203038 AS-QUXLABS 10 10
Public Peering Facilities
IX Port IPv4 IPv6
SONIX 10Gbit 2001:7f8:117::20:3038:1
SOLIX MTU1500 10Gbit 2001:7f8:21:9::164
SOLIX MTU4470 10Gbit 2001:7f8:21:10::164
Private Peering Facilities
Datacenter Location
Kista Gate Kista, Sweden
InterXion STO3 Kista, Sweden
STOKAB KN7 Stockholm, Sweden
Peering Policy

We have an open peering policy, feel free to email us at We won't bite.